Why a boat tour business?  

Jack and I have enjoyed boating as a joint hobby for more than 35 years. We have owned boats, sailed boats, raced boats, cruised boats, and lived aboard boats. (“. . . there is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”  Kenneth Grahame, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS. Now that we have retired and settled in New Bern, we looked for an interesting way to stay "connected" to the water and a facet of life we love. A little river boat seemed to be the answer!

Jack has been working part time delivering boats and Captaining other people’s tour boats since we moved here and enjoyed that.  He is a very experienced Captain and also has an environmental background. I hope to use my natural sociability, my teaching skills and my environmental background as an eco-tour guide. It should be a winning combination for all!


Why New Bern?

We chose to live in New Bern because of its charm, climate and location at the confluence of two rivers.  These rivers are the connection to our history our commerce and much of our natural treasure. Since the rivers connect to the sea, they are partly saltwater. Brackish. That quality enhances the habitat for millions of birds, fish, and animals.  We have a miniature nature center in our backyard! One of the best ways to see this natural treasure is from a slow boat.

Why an Electric Boat?

Our electric boat (a 22 foot Duffy) has zero emissions. It is so quiet that we can glide close to Osprey nests on pilings or Blue Herons fishing from the reeds without disturbing them at all.  In the quiet waters, we can hear ducks and geese nearby or surprise a sunbathing turtle. There are actually alligators up the Trent River, but we rarely see them. Perhaps they see us?



Jack is a retired environmental attorney. He worked most of his career for Mobil Oil as Counsel for the United States refineries, as his main responsibility. After that he worked for two private law firms in Houston. Finally he became the General Counsel for Cherry Demolition, House Moving, and Environmental Remediation Corporation. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School. Before he fell in love with boats, Jack was a flight instructor.


  • 36 years of boating experience in both power and sailing vessels. (also former instructor pilot)
  • Over 30,000 miles at the helm
  • Extensive experience on USA East and West Coasts, Gulf of Mexico, Canada, and many Rivers.
  • Some experience in Caribbean, East coast of South America, Cape Horn, and the North Atlantic.


  • Sailed around Cape Horn twice
  • Crewed on the 237 foot square-rigger Christian Radich from NYC to Brest, France
  • Delivered a 38 foot sailing from St. Bart's to Trinidad Tobago
  • Navigated the Great Loop


Marilyn's undergraduate degree is in education with emphasis on music. After teaching and raising two children, she went back to law school. Her early job in Chicago was in general practice, and she later worked in Washington DC for a trade association focused on environmental issues and lobbying. In Houston, Marilyn began the environmental department for The Greater Houston Partnership, which is their Chamber of Commerce. Her final job was as Director of The Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, a federal and state funded project aimed at improving the water quality and natural environment of the Bay.  (There was such a project for all major Bays in the United States mainland.)